The Mite is an enemy in the PS1 Game, A Bug's Life.


The Mites are yellow round-shaped insects in appearance and they have a long sharp nose. They appear first in the Cliffside level, but only two are encountered there, the main supply of mites are found throughout the Riverbed Canyon level, where they appear alot. 4 Mites also make an appearance in the Bird's Nest level. Their final appearance is in the Riverbed Flight Level in which they are the main enemy, accompanied by Dragonflies, Wasps and Earthworms.

How To DefeatEdit

The Mite tends to attack by rushing at Flik in an attempt to stab him with its sharp nose-like appendage. Therefore it is probably best to throw a berry at the Mite from range. All berry types including the Red Berry are effective in killing them. Alternatively Flik's Butt Bounce attack can also kill them. To fully kill them however you must use the Gold Berry.


In real life, Mites don't particularly have sharp appendages on their head.