The first of the levels is unlocked from the beginning of the game in the Playstation's Game A Bug's Life.

Level DescriptionEdit

The idea of the training level is where you are introduced to the basic skills needed in the game. Flik is teached by another fellow Ant known as Mr. Soil. He teaches Flik the skills necessary to survive in a Bug-Eat-Bug world.

Level SpecificsEdit

Characters Met: Flik, Mr. Soil

Enemies: Spiders

Total Amount Of Enemies: 4

Items: 50 Pieces of Grain, F-L-I-K

Berries Available: Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Gold

Seeds Available: Red, Green, Purple


Currently, there are no known secrets in the level.


Sometimes called a cheat by some players, you can return to the level as many times as you wish to collect the letters F-L-I-K to give Flik an extra life. While not directly a cheat, it makes the game considerably easier, especially in the later levels.